New macOS dev build for testing

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

As we get near to releasing RawTherapee 5.2 I would like to be sure that we will have a working build, and that a few patches which we have on hold are ready to be committed. Please test this build from @HIRAM and let us know how it goes:


App working normally on 10.12.5 and a build-ignorant 10.11 mac.
cli still had one rouge install_name to be fixed…

(Robin Mills) #3

@HIRAM Ah, you’ve learnt about the Mac’s mysterious ‘install_name’. Here’s more engineer-speak: the usual term for ‘build-ignorant’ is a ‘clean machine’.


Thx, Robin. I first heard about install_name here on pixls, but working with you on LuminanceHDR gave me some real practical experience!


@HIRAM I’m not a Mac user, but I just wanted to point out this patch in issue 3924 about install_name of rawtherapee-cli.


Thanks Hombre! Saw that patch, I use the GitHub handle Benitoite.