new to NATRON need help

(Brian) #1

Hi I am new to NATRON I just downloaded it yesterday now I have time to learn it

I am in my late 40’s and want to learn how to use NATRON with Blender 3D

any tips?

and try to save file wouldnot work

PS if I sent this topic to the wrong area my bad

(Mica) #2

Read the official documentation and search YouTube for some tutorials!

(Brian) #3

I have found this on You tube Natron 101: A practical guide to node-based compositing

I went to http://localhost:52246/guide/index.html#user-guide

and there seem to be nothing add to the documentation

is this the right place?

( #4

(Mica) #5

This is the right place indeed!

(Chris Tempel) #6