New user here, spot removal


I used RawTherapee before, now I’m back. I wonder is there some option similar to ‘spot removal tool’ and ‘dehaze’?

I’m sorry if this is repeating, thank you very much for answers!

@mahirov: Welcome to Pixls!

In the current development version there is a spot removal tool. This is not yet available in the latest stable.

There is the Haze Removal in the Detail tab and you can also use the Soft Light module in the Colour tab. The latter isn’t specifically for de-hazing but it does sometimes work.

There is another upcoming feature, currently being worked on in the development version, that deals with haze.

BTW: The above info can be found in Rawpedia, the excellent RawTherapee online docs. This isn’t true for (some of) the development stuff though.

I think it is still a branch, it’s not yet in dev, is it?

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I locally integrated it when you pointed it out back when, so I always have it build. But it isn’t yet part of the normal development branch. Same is true for the in-development haze tool.

So, yeah, you are 100% correct about that!