New Version Behavior ?

I just replaced version 5.9 with 6.4
Always before, when I added or removed images in digiKam folders, the change was reflected IMMEDIATELY in digiKam; add some images, they immediately appeared in digiKam; remove some images and they immediately disappeared from digiKam.
With this new version, I am forced to go into the View menu and click “Refresh” before changes reflect in digiKam; this is highly annoying.
It may be staring me right in the face; but, I have searched the digiKam settings and I cannot find any means of changing this behavior.
Please tell me how to remedy this or else I will have to reinstall 5.9

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

I would let digikam 6.4 run until it updates the database completely and restart it then.

I used 6.4 for a while and did not notice such behavior. I had similar problem once when I imported few thousand new images but it disappeared after restart.

You can change this in the Collections section of the DG settings. At the bottom is the “Monitor …” checkbox that is disabled by default (from version 6.0 on I believe). I think enabling this will set the behaviour as you want.


THANKS ! ! ! –
That is so tiny, un-noticable, and well hidden that I may never have found it; believe me, I had thoroughly searched. –
I checked the box, closed and re-opened digiKam, and then things worked as I wanted it to. –
There may be good reason for the new default behavior; but, I cannot see the wisdom of it; especially seeing as that, thumbnails of images I had moved elsewhere remained visible in digiKam where any changes made would not apply to the actual image. –

Thanks again; fixing this has been a huge help to me.

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There is a note under the setting on the screenshot. That must be the reason. I wonder whether the recommendation to keep the option deactivated applies for users who have both macOS and network collections or either/or.
I do have network collections but I am on Linux and Windows not Mac.
I don’t have that note at all in my digiKam 7.0.0-beta2 by the way.

I see the note now that you brought it to my attention; it must only be visible for MAC users as it is not present in my Windows version 6.4

I see. Thanks for letting me know.

As a side note, digiKam 6.4 introduced a new plugin interface.

Please feel free to go to settings - plugins and deactivate the ones you don’t use. It should speed up the application.


I found that when I was trying to figure out how to fix my situation. -
When I got done un-checking boxes, there wasn’t much left. -
I figure if I ever need something, I can go back and check it’s box.

I’m new here, but not so new to digiKam. I have the same problem as Buckskin, but as far as the solution HE got is concerned… I now have a second problem: what on earth is DG Settings… and where do I find it?
‘Refresh’ is worn so thin I think it may well disappear completely… and leave a hole in my menu. If you can help, then thanks a lot.

Digikam “Settings” menu, “Configure Digikam”, then pick the “Collections” tab…

Digikam “Settings” menu, “Configure Digikam”, then pick the “Collections” tab…

Hi again,
That was quick! I has suspected that DG might (possibly) mean DK - for DigiKam - and there is a Collections item in the right panel of the Configure digiKam dialog… but no sign of any box to check or uncheck… just three references to where Collections are stored and the rest of the panel is empty. So thanks for your help - but it didn’t (no fault of yours and I AM grateful but still bewildered). Any other ideas?

Strange, I have the checkbox almost at the bottom of that panel.

The checkbox and text are at the bottom/left in very fine print, almost at the very bottom of where you add a collection.

Settings > Configure digiKam > Collections

The checkbox says = Monitor the Albums for External Changes (Requires Restart) {of digiKam - NOT the whole machine}

Hi, it’s me again,
First off thank you so much for the speed of your replies: it’s really marvellous to discover that someone actually cares… but back to the problem:
I went across to my wife’s desk and took a peek at her installation of digiKam, and sure enough, the tick-box was there. I looked up her version n umber and it said 7.2.0. Now I installed both hers and mine on the same day, ut when I checked my version number it was… wait for it… 6.1.0! How?
Now I think I know the answer. Some weeks ago my PC began to act strangely after a small download which I couldn’t get rid of, so I used Restore to fix the problem. Somehow (don’t ask me how!) it restored digikam back to a version installed in… oh I don’t know… 2016 maybe? That was version 6.1.0. and that version does not have that little check-box (tick-box). I have just finished downloading 7.9 (which went without a hitch) and I have the box… and now it’s checked!

Weird and wonderful, isn’t it? But thank you both again for your kindness and your help. I can laugh at it now, but the older version looked and behaved exactly like 7.2.0 so to me it was as if it hadn’t changed. Next time (and I hope there won’t be a next time) I’ll check that first.

Best wishes

Mike Byrne

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