New versions of art

Hi Alberto,

I see that in the last day, there has been 1.10 and 1.10.1 that came out.

Do you have a summary of the great improvements you have made?

Thank you

You can go to the Bitbucket site for art and scan the commits from the last while…will give you a basic idea

1.10 and 1.10.1 are essentially identical – I just made a mistake when releasing 1.10.
Regarding the differences with 1.9.3, there are many bug fixes but not many new features. The most visible differences are about workflow speedups: now it is possible to pan the editor window by using Ctrl+arrows, and there are a number of sliders that have an associated “quick shortcut” that allows to change the value by holding a letter and scrolling with the mouse wheel (or pressing +/-). You can see a summary of the available shortcuts by pressing F1 in the editor. See the video:


Thank for the improvements. That’s quite a lot of them :smiley:

Very nice addition…dynamic shortcuts…

The Appimage version of ART 1.10.1 is now available thanks to Alex Woroschilow.
Serge Moreau

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Hmm, doesn’t work here…

I just discovered that if you have “num lock” on, it doesn’t work for some reason… I’ll fix that, thanks for spotting this.

Ah, without num lock it works! Good addition.

The F1 is available in the editor window, but I can’t read it. It’s too transparent.

Here’s screen capture. Is there a setting that I could adjust?

btw, I use Manjaro xfce.


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What theme are you using for art? Only the standard “rawtherapee” one is supported, I don’t know if it works for the others (eg. Toowaa…). I should probably just remove them

Nope. I just tried them all, including rawtherapee and all give me the same look.

Please do not remove any of these themes. I mostly use: toowablue.

btw, are you recommending using the rawtherapee theme?

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I’m not recommending it, but it’s the only one I use and so most likely the least buggy one :slight_smile:

Regarding this specific issue, I have no idea of what might be wrong. Did you try the appimage? Does it work there?

Hello Alberto, I suggest to place a dark frame under the text with the shortcuts to enhance readability.

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I don’t know, just tried I it won’t start:

$ ~/temp/to-delete/ART.AppImage 
/tmp/.mount_ART.ApktEh5R/art/ART.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So, you can customize its look with a bit of css. E.g. add this to your GTK3 CSS file ($HOME/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css):

.app-notification {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);

Or if you prefer, just add the above to the css of your preferred ART theme. I’ll fix this in the repository.

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Excellent, that worked for me.

Where do I copy the themes from “ART/themes/” to my .config/ART which only has options and dynamicprofile.cfg


I just tried the new version and just discovered the changes in “tone curves”. Especially :

  • Now you can’t have 1 method (standard, film-like, perceptual…) for each curve, plus, the method is also used for contrast.
  • It seems that the new contrast method “standard” is in fact the old method.

I do understand what it means, but this is for me a big regression from the previous way “tone curves” was handled. I liked the old version because I was able to be subtle, using the 2 curves with 2 different methods for effects.
That means now that I have to choose one method, and all functions used will use this method (example “perceptual”).
In 1.9.3, aside contrast which used “standard” method, curve 1 and 2 could use other methods, and that was useful, and simple to use.
Is it possible to continue to have a method dedicated to each function, aka “contrast”, “curve 1” and “curve 2” ?

Do you confirm that the method used for contrast in 1.9.3 was “standard” ?

what you write is correct. There is however still a way to get the old behaviour, except that it’s not visible in the GUI. You can use the following partial profile to get back the old mode:



Just call it e.g. tone-curve-legacy.arp and save it in your presets (and maybe have it on by default if that’s what you prefer).


Thanks a lot for the tip, I’ll use it.