New website and RawPedia

Congratulations on the new website. It really inspires you to go on exploring RT……:blush:!

If you do so you are likely to follow the link to RawPedia and read the chapter “General Information/Getting Started”. Under the heading, “Edit your first image” you will read the following:

“Once you’ve opened a raw photo for editing, you will notice that the preview does not look the same as your out-of-camera JPEG did. The article “Eek! My Raw Photo Looks Different than the Camera JPEG” explains why.”

Actually, the preview looks a lot like your out-of-camera JPEG thanks to the Auto-Matched Tone Curve facility. No need to read the article!

Studying input profiles I have reread the chapter: “How to get Nikon ICM profiles” and I believe that the information is outdated. I have not been able to extract the profiles mentioned in the article. I used to but not anymore…….


Thanks for pointing that out, I will update it.

As for the Nikon ICM profiles, I would delete that whole section. Even if it works, it’s certainly not something I would recommend doing.

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R.I.P. Eek!? Yikes!

Done, please proof-read:

Eek!? must live. I will find a way.

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