New Year Wishes for 2020 from afre

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a hard one for me as with most years but this year has been especially so because I lost a dear friend who I met on this very forum. I wrote a piece on this member’s passing but didn’t feel confident or at peace enough to share it.

Along those lines, my message and blessing for you is this: Don’t give up on God, yourself or others even when every moment is tough! Life is fragile yet mysterious and wonderful! Go out there to take it all in, with camera or not, with a smile or not. Be generous to one another and I hope to see you around at or visit me in person in Toronto, otherwise I will miss you!


Hello @afre

THANKS a lot indeed for all the technical help you have given to everyone last year. This is especially true for the G’MIC toolkit: keep your filters coming :slight_smile:


Happy New Year to all!

@afre, I hope 2020 treats you better than 2019.

While the past year was pretty decent for me personally, it was not a very good year for the planet. Let’s all make an effort to be a little better to this big ol’ rock in 2020.