[newbie] Photoflow small issues

I have two small issues with Photoflow:

1 - When I go to the White Balance tab in Raw Developer layer, it doesn’t show all WB presets I see on various tutorials, like Daylight etc. It only shows CAMERA, Spot and Color spot. How can I get all those presets?

2 - Apparently, pfbatch is missing on my system. How can I install it?

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04, photoflow 0.2.8, installed via ppa:dhor/myway

Thanks in advance!


What you describe regarding the WB indicates that your camera is not supported by the 0.2.8 version… which maker/model are you using?

Also, I would suggest you to try the AppImage packages that are automatically produced from the current development branch. They are available from here, and the latest version is currently this one from few days ago.
In order to use the package, just download it anywhere on your hard drive, make the file executable with

chmod +x PhotoFlow-20180306_1342-git-stable-f9bbea183fa02412d1d17075955d2284eeaf8174.glibc2.17-dbg.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage

and launch it from the terminal like this


If this recent version still does not support your camera, please wait a couple of days: I plan to update the bundled RawSpeed library, and chances are that everything will work after the update.

Concerning the pfbatch command, it is now replaced by a --batch option of the main executable, hence you can run the AppImage in batch mode like this

./PhotoFlow-20180306_1342-git-stable-f9bbea183fa02412d1d17075955d2284eeaf8174.glibc2.17-dbg.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage --batch

If you need some specific help regarding the batch execution, just let me know here!

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It’s a Canon Powershot A3100I powered by CHDK.

I didn’t know WB presets are camera/model dependent.

Not a big deal this camera not being supported on PF, this is an old model and mine is getting really aged. But with CHDK I can still get interesting results, so, as long as it powers up, I’ll be using it.

EDIT: As for the batch processing, how would I process three files among 15 using more than one preset, say, using Raw Developer, Curves and Basic Editing presets?
EDIT2: Forgot to say, the output files format should be .tif.

Thanks, and good work on Photoflow!

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