Newbie question - How to get good colors like LR and Capture One?

Newbie here coming from LR and Capture One.

When I open my CR3 files (Canon RP) in RawTherapee the colors look muted and odd. For comparison LR and CaptureOne show awesome fresh nice colors right after the import.

I’m guessing there’s some magic combination of settings to get colors to the LR/C1 levels.
Where should I look?

I’d start with the documentation:

C1/LR apply processing when opening the image, that’s why it looks “good.” RawTherapee does not, hence the washed out look.

You can have a lot of control over colors using the Lab tools.

You can apply LR’s (or Adobe Camera Raw’s) .dcp camera profiles or Capture One’s .icm profiles (under X:\Capture One\Color Profiles\DSLR) to your images by going to RT’s Color tab - ICM - Input Profile - Custom.
Also you can apply a HaldCLUT (read, or use Auto-matched tonecurve, or adjust the color of the images yourself to get more vibrant color.


sounds more like the camera’s color primaries aren’t in camconst.json yet. I just looked in the dev version, and can’t find them…

Edit: @syyrmb’s suggestion to use the camera profile from one of the other raw processors will solve the problem until RT pushes an update.