Newbie question: where do I report issues?

I’m using the GIMP plugin and have an issue with the Despeckle filter. Where do I report this? Should it be the GMIC github issues or the GMIC-QT issues? Somewhere else? Is there some instructions as to what is necessary/useful for an issue report?

@mohrezaei Welcome to the forum!

I recommend that you report them here. I do it all of the time. In my opinion, more people keep tabs of the #software:gmic category than Github issues.

is for the plugin itself and not the filters. Sometimes there may be issues with the plugin, but for the most part, it doesn’t change very much.

Start with telling us your OS, GIMP and G’MIC version numbers. And then what issue you are having with the despeckle filter. Screenshots might help.

I’m using GMIC-QT Windows 64 bit 2.7.2, for GIMP 2.10.

I’m despeckling the uploaded image. I’ve circled a speckle with red. If I use Tolerance=20, Max Area = 40, that speckle disappears in the preview, but does not disappear when I apply. This happens for a large number of speckles in many images (you can see more in the same image).

As I was playing with this to get something reproducible, I just noticed that the same speckle sometimes does not disappear in the preview if I move the preview image window. And the reproducibility depends on the dimensions of the full image: if I take a small portion of the image (e.g. just what’s in the red circle) I can no longer get the speckle to go away with the same parameters.

Unfortunately, this is by design. The plugin’s preview only takes in data from the preview window and not the actual image. I am guessing it does this to save processing time. Therefore, the preview isn’t the same as the final product. Cripples certain filters and makes them practically useless. :angry:

Maybe @garagecoder (author of the filter) could provide some guidance on this.


That’s why I use relative variables in my filters if I could. I.e result is similar regardless of size. One of the most important goal is to have an accurate preview.