Newvie how to remove lamp light

Hello, I am new to this and this program has multiple options in RAWTherapee

How can I select this area to leave it similar to the wall in the photo?

To reduce it in all my photographs

Maybe you can help me, I’m a newbie.

I would recommend using local adjustments spots in RawTherapee; for an advanced look at what is possible see

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I am confused what you want to select in the photograph?

Thanks for answering, I want to remove the light from the ceiling and the wall but I already managed to clarify the original photo but I can’t reduce the light flare

My fun - GIMP Mode LCh version.

Hand chiseling


Many thanks i will check

I believe using the clone and healing tools available in GIMP or darktable that I could improve the walls. If you wanted to supply the full image with the faces pixelated out I could have an attempt. There are also some tricks using layers and masks that should help here, but again I would need the full image minus faces to have an attempt.

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i will check Thank You