next live meeting Saturday 16 July 12:00 UTC

Hi guys!

What about another live meeting? Maybe on July 17?

I was busy during the past months but now things seem to go to the right direction again.

It can be a casual meeting? Or not? I guess everybody is interested in the future of darktable?
Feel Free to make suggestions!


Sunday may not be good for me. In Let us plan for the Next Live Meeting, I mentioned a Saturday 12:00 UTC. (The time would accommodate those who never got a chance to join because of their time zone.) What do you think?

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Should be ok for me. What about the others?

Saturday July 16, 1200 UTC?

Works out as 10pm on a Saturday night for me. Count me in! :slight_smile:

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I will also ping @Iain who is the other person I recall this time would work for…

I can probably make it. It will be midnight for me, though.

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You are the gmic dev right?

I write GMIC filters. I did some prototype highlight recovery work which some Darktable Devs are working to incorporate into DT.

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There’s gmic dev, and then there’s gmic filter developers. Most filter developers do not work on the core of gmic. They make filters for gmic, and submit ideas to get around limitations or solve it.

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@kofa are you coming?

Or are we going back to Jitsi?

I don’t know, depends on the weather and the family’s weekend programme. Signing up for a Google Workspace account is no big deal, and (as we discovered last time) you only get billed for the days you actually use after your trial (I think last time I was billed ~2 dollars).

I may have an account but I have to ask for permission clarification first.

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OK, now I have the family’s plans. I can attend :slight_smile: Shall I set up Google Meet again?

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Yes please!

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +41 43 430 95 89 and enter this PIN: 116 862 320#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

Saturday July 16, 1200 UTC - to check in your time zone, use the link below:


The recording is now available on YouTube. Thanks for organising and attending!


Thanks to all participants and special thanks to you @kofa !

Thanks @kofa for hosting and recording the event.

That is funny: me wagging my finger. That is what I get for speaking so much! Perhaps, when you have the time @kofa, consider adding a title card to remove my droll portrait.

Unfortunately I couldn’t join today, I would have loved to show current status of @Iain ideas implemented in dt.

I am using it for some time now, will do the pr when pascal starts merging for 4.2

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