Nightly build from git and GIMP 2.10 plugin

(John Tompkins) #1

I’m probably missing something simple. :grinning: I build rawtherapee on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 from git using the “dev” branch. I also build GIMP 2.10 from git. Yesterday I tried to use my built rawtherapee as a “RAW plugin” from GIMP 2.10. It failed. I finally tracked down the issue. When I run “rawtherapee -v” (which the GIMP plugin does) I get something like “RawTherapee, version nightly-68-ga5d9c49”. Looking at the source code for the GIMP plugin it expects something like “RawTherapee, version 5.4”, that is it expects a 5.x version number which the nightly git build doesn’t provide. Thus the GIMP plugin doesn’t recognize rawtherapee and won’t use it as a RAW plugin. Am I missing something in my git “dev” build?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Checkout the latest code and tell us how it goes.
Ping @heckflosse @agriggio

It’s odd that you see the “nightly” tag in nightly-68-ga5d9c49. I just cloned the repo and found myself on 5.4-266-ga84ce624.
If after git pull doing git describe still shows the nightly tag, try:

git tag -d nightly && git checkout dev && git pull && git describe

(John Tompkins) #3

First I did my usual “git pull --rebase” then “make install” and ran the result and I get “RawTherapee, version nightly-70-ga84ce62”.

I then tried your suggestion. Seems better at first:

tompkinj@zjct1:/usr/local/arc/rawtherapee/src> git describe

But when I compile and run I get:

tompkinj@zjct1:/usr/local/arc/rawtherapee/dev/release> ./rawtherapee -v
RawTherapee, version nightly-70-ga84ce62

(John Tompkins) #4

Hummm, I did a “make clean” and then a “make install” and all seems well now:

tompkinj@zjct1:/usr/local/arc/rawtherapee/dev/release> ./rawtherapee -v
RawTherapee, version 5.4-266-ga84ce62

Plus GIMP-2.10 will now use rawtherapee!

Thanks for your patience!