No colour profile embedded

I have been using ART for a while now mainly on tiff files but have recently using it on my A7r4 raw files with considerable success. Just yesterday, however, my converted files will no longer open in PS6 with a color profile. I am not overly computer literate just a keen user so I’m stumped. I deleted the programme and re-installed it with no effect. It doesn’t matter what output profile I select I get the same prompt in PS that the file does not have an embedded RGB profile. Any help would be much appreciated.

What version of art? Are you exporting as tiff? Can you share a raw and arp sidecar? Thanks!

Hello Alberto - Version 1.4.1, exporting as a tiff. Happy to share files but not sure how to go about it. I have Dropbox but not sure how to use it, or, can I simply put a file on here?

Hello again - Where do I find the associated arp sidecar?

Hi - Does this work?

Thanks! I’ll take a look as soon as I can

Hi @jfp, I finally managed to take a look at your problem. I see this in your .arp sidecar:

[Color Management]

Where did you get the ProPhoto profile from? Can you send it to me? I suspect that might be the culprit… Note that if you want a prophoto-like profile, ART ships with one (taken from RT), it’s called RTv2_Large (if you want a profile with prophoto primaries but with “gamma 1.0”, you can build one yourself with the built-in ICC profile builder)

Hope this helps

Hello Alberto - I have used the RTv2_large profile with success. Here are copies of both the original ProPhoto and one you made for me a while back, both of which do not work.
Thanks again for all your help.

The two profiles sent by dropbox and that don’t work are V4 ICC profiles. The one which works is a V2 ICC profile.
Could it be that PS6 don’t accept V4 ICC profiles? :nauseated_face:

That would be my guess as well – unfortunately I don’t have ps so I can’t check :frowning:

Thanks all for looking. I’ll try to find a V2 profile.