No deb-package for the GIMP-Plugin of GMIC for Ubuntu 18.10?


Playing around with Linux again. Do I see this right: there is no deb of the GIMP2.10-plugin of G’MIC for Ubuntu 18.10 yet?
Manjaro is a nice distro, has all the software, but diplaycal does not recongnize my screens… and there is another problem… however, Ubuntu 18.10 and the newest Manjaro fully support my Wacom tablet, no driver signing necessary. Still, something is always missing…
thanks in advance for the answers


Do you really need a gmic_gimp_qt .deb package?
The plugin itself is one file, of course a package hopefully pulls in all the necessary dependencies but there is no reason (apart from the dumbed-down 'buntu 18.10 software center) not to install yourself.

From memory, if libqtcore and libqt5widgets are installed they pull all the necessary. Plus libcurl for the gmic_gimp_qt updates. screenshot:

Then you can try one of the files from or this, just compiled on a regular 'buntu 18.10 desktop (VM) zipped 3.2 MB - usual guarantee - there is none.

unzip and of course goes in ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins

Still (2.4.1 ?) edit: forgot to disable the older version.
2.4.2 looks like this in Ubuntu 18.10 / Gimp 2.10.6



thanks. tried it. no success.


You are probably missing some QT package, run Gimp from a terminal and see what error messages show.


Wait for someone to make that .deb package for you.

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Another option would be to try using an AppImage package, which includes an up-to-date version of GMIC. No need to install dependencies, just download the file, make it executable, and run it. The most recent package is here.

New versions are provided every week.


what about flatpak? does that include gmic?

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No, the flatpak does not contain GMIC


There is no QT support in the flatpak. Best you might get in a flatpak is the last GTK gmic_gimp example:

However, you would be far better getting the QT libraries in Ubuntu 18.10 sorted and use a regular gmic_gimp_qt plugin. Always seems wasteful to me to have to download 140 MB appimage just to update a 7 MB plugin.


OK. As far as GIMP is concerned, I am good with the AppImage.
What about Krita?


Never mind. Gmic for Krita works
So thanks. Everything’s fine :slight_smile: