No disk in drive... fixed! (?) Windows x64 Gtk3.20


It looks like this workaround fixed the “No disk in drive…” message in Gtk3.20 too.
I can’t force this message anymore by inserting and removing a SD card.

I’ve compiled the latest version and uploaded a to filebin.
There is no installer. Just extract the folder “RT No Disk Test” to your desktop and run the “rawtherapeeTest.exe” inside this folder.

For those who got this error in the past, can you test this version to confirm it’s fixed, please?

@gaaned92 did fix it on purpose. Many thanks. There is no need to test it.


No disk issue is gone!

(Rick Davis) #3

Gave it a test. Downloaded and ran, edited a picture. No problems here seems nice!

(dngimage) #4

Great job @gaaned92! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

(Rick Davis) #5

Just wondering when we’ll see this version on the download page?


It’s on @gaaned92’s Google Drive :slight_smile:

(Morgan Hardwood) #7

@rd52 you won’t as there is no need for it - the version on the Downloads page does not exhibit this problem.

(Rick Davis) #8

Morgan_Hardwood I was asking about the one that I had tested, the GTK3.22.0 version, that I’d downloaded to my desktop and had been using the version from the beginning of this thread. I really like the TooWaBoo themes.
I have since download and installed the version that TooWaBoo pointed out, the GTK3.22.0 version from @gaaned92’s google drive, and it installed and works fine. Thanks!


I still see the issue with RawTherapee 5.0-r1 under Windows 10 64bit with my USB card reader when

  1. The USB card reader is plugged in, no SD card,
  2. I boot Windows,
  3. I start Rawtherapee for the first time.

The issue does not occur when

  • I close RT once the error occured and start it again
  • The USB card reader is not plugged in when starting RT for the first time after booting Windows

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

@tm-gx80 which build, from where exactly?