No files show up at all. OSX

I can see that some others have the same problem, but I couldn’t find a way to resolve it:

After dragging into the Applications folder on my Mac (OSX Big Sur), I start RawTherapee, but no photos show up in any folders with photos in them.

By the way, it says “RawTherapee-bin” in the title when RawTherapee is open. A bit strange as if it’s running directly from the .bin file - but it’s not.

I can see in OSX System preferences that RawTherapee is not listed in the ‘Files and Folders’ category and also not in the ‘Photos’ category. There is no way of adding it, and when starting the app, I don’t get a dialogue asking me to grant the app the right permissions. -

So. what do I do? I saw that OSX Catalina users were supposed to drag /bin/sh into the ‘Full Disk Access’ category in System prefs > Security & Privacy, but this shouldn’t be necessary in Big Sur, right?

Do anyone have any ideas?
Br, Donleavy

What makes you think that? Have you tried dragging it in there?

Well, it is crossed out on the RawTherapee Wiki, and it mentions Catalina specifically, but no where else does it state that this should be done on Mac OS after installig the app. I would expect this piece of information to be rather prominent if it was not possible to run RawTherapee on a Mac without doing that…