No lens profiles

Brand new to RT. Running v 5.70 on MacOS Mojave (10.14.6). 2 questions:

  1. I import a Canon RAW file (CR2). RT seems to recognize my camera and lens. But in the Transform module, no cameras or lenses show when “Automatically selected” is active in the Lens Profile section. And if I use “Manually selected”, the drop down menus for Camera and Lens are greyed out.

I looked inside the RT app (Right click app/Show Package Contents/Resources. There is a dcpprofiles directory with a .dcp file for my Canon 5D III. There is also a populated lensfun directory in the share directory inside Resources.

Any idea why the camera and lens profiles aren’t showing up in RT?

  1. It would seem that if I need to specify a file path (e.g. to tell RT where a flat is), it immediately crashes. Is this a known bug?

Thanks for your help, and to all the developers that have made RT possible!


@khousen regarding instability, there is a known problem with recent macOS systems. Try this build, it attempts to solve the problem and works for some people:

Thanks! The build you pointed me to fixed the crashing issue when trying to open a flat.

Unfortunately, I’m still not seeing any camera or lens profiles. Is anyone else using RT with Mac OS and not seeing profiles?