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Hi Rawtherapists
I have been using Rawtherapee for a few years and love it. However I am new to forums.
My question is, is it possible, or possible in the future, to suspend Rawtherapee from saving sidecar files. This may seem strange, but sometimes I want to just play with an image to try out different processing ideas. However if I leave the image or close down a file that is possibly a total mess, it will replace my previous sidecar file. I currently have to remember to go back to the start of the history and select the first line, but it would be great if there was a PLAY button to prevent saving.

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Welcome aboard, Chris. I don’t see anything relevant in RawPedia, but there could well be something I’m not aware of. I’ve often thought something like this would be useful. Of course, it would be necessary to make sure this option would not interfere with the workflows of many users who are accustomed to the way things operate today.

Hi @Sojourn, welcome! There is a long standing issue on the GitHub tracker.

There has been some effort at some point to make this possible, but it got side-tracked to other stuff…

Having an option that only lasts while the single image is active would prevent problems, so when the image is closed it goes back to normal.

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A convenient way to add the option would be to add it to the right click menu.

I think Art is saving snapshots…I just started playing with it and I had 7 snapshots in a file. I expected them to be gone but when I reopened the file they were intact and reset the history stack/modules accordingly…I will need to confirm this but if so this is great and as ART has much of the RT functionality I find this a superior approach also over DT that uses duplicate xmp files…

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Indeed ART is saving all snapshots (edits) in their sidecar files not sure if RT is…This allows you to store several versions of edits in one sidecar and the original would be preserved if you take a snapshot before each new set of edits?? Maybe that would work?? I should see if RT does this…ImageDNG_arp.txt (92.9 KB)