No Stylize in G'MIC 2.5.7 CLI (?)

Just got the latest CLI version for Windows but can’t seem to use the Stylize filter, I get -

[gmic] *** Error in ./ *** Unknown command or filename ‘fx_stylize’

It worked fine in the previous version I used (2.5.5)

try: gmic -update

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Bazza: Thank you!

@janolap1 : Try: gmic v -99 input.png style.png fx_stylize 1,4,0,0,0.5,2,3,0.5,0.1,1 ,5,0,0.7,1,0,1,0,5,5,7,1,30,1000,2,1.85,0 -o result.png
no need for the ‘+’ symbol…

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@Mushy Use @ to let them know. :wink:
Like this: @janolap1.

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@bazza Ok, It’s good now.
I was behind a proxy and should set it in the command line before using update.