No tools in Lightable view [solved]

I’m puzzled to see that since last update to Darktable 4.2.1 my lightable view as been stripped down to just the central area …

Is it a behaviour encountered by others when updating ?

System details :
profile - 17.1 - desktop (stable)
Darktable built from sources provided via the gentoo package.
build options
avif cups gphoto2 jpeg2k lua midi nls opencl openmp tools webp

-colord -doc -flickr -gamepad -geolocation -gmic -graphicsmagick -heif -keyring -kwallet -lto -openexr -test

CPU_FLAGS_X86=“avx sse3”

Check keyboard shortcuts?
For instance TAB?

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Wow, I’m quite confused to have started a thread just for that …
It’s the first time I’ve reach this configuration and found myself kind of ‘stuck’ with this not so functional lightable …

I guess this mode is done to have a full clear and non cluttered mosaic view of your lightable mimicking a real light-table but I’d have beenj saved by any kind of tooltip or clue about how to exit it.

That said, sorry for the noise and thanks !