No Valid Stars Found - Photometric Color Calibration in Siril

Hi, I’m new here, and just stumbled across Siril the other day. I’ve been experimenting with the program and getting a feel for it, and in the interest of not sinking any more hours into this particular portion I thought I would just ask for some insight.

The Photometric Color Calibration is an amazing feature, however I am running into a slight snag. Sometimes, it will work as intended. During others, I get a message “No valid stars found” and the color calibration does not function.

Interestingly enough it does seem to track all the stars down correctly and even identifies objects, displaying their names, etc. But it just doesn’t want to stick the color.

What am I doing wrong?


Just your stars that are not valid for photmetry.
Either too saturated or anything else.

Huh. Weirdly I’ve been able to get it to work with some stacked versions of the same image set but not others, and not with RAW files that were debayerd directly in Siril. Is there anything that I can do in the future to help things along? Perhaps the hightlights were blown out in the stars? I was using an old scrappy data set to see how much Siril would be able to extract from the files.
Either way, thank you for your help. And if you are involved with the development of the program, thanks for that as well! It’s amazing that there are such talented and motivated folks in the community.

The algorithm is simple.
Stars aren’t valid if at least one pixel is equal to min or max.
Min and max are defined in preferences.