Non-ASCII file name problem with file opening from Windows’ context menu

Hi, Alberto

From ART 1.18, it seems that there is file name problem with Non-ASCII character.
On Windows, if we try to open files with non-ASCII code file name from Windows’ context menu (of explorer or digiKAM), ART fails to open these files.

Not only in Japanese, Korean, also in like French name with accent, we find same problems.

Until ART 1.17.2, no problems were there, and also no problems with ART 1.18.1 on Linux.

Of cause, normal file opening of ART is fine, but we find problems only in opening from context menu.

I attached sample files.

Thank you for your appreciation.




Thanks, I’ll try to figure out what is going on…

Hi @yasuo, it should be fixed now, thanks for reporting!

Thank you for your effort to keep ART convenient and friendly for users!