Not able to access XCF files from latest GIMP

Recently adopted digiKam and am liking it a lot, but for whatever reason it won’t preview or open xcf files from GIMP v2.10.14.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem with files saved in older versions of GIMP, although I don’t have any specifics about which version.

Is this a known issue?



Yes, xcf changed the format for 2.10.x.

It does tell you in the gimp 2.10 save dialogue if the image properties are compatible (1)
Often just a matter of changing back to a legacy mode (2) Not possible if you are using a higher bit depth. (3)

Guess you will have to wait for Digicam to update to the new format.

Thanks for the info. Just thought it curious that some files previewed and others didn’t. It’s not a huge issue as nothing else previews/edits xcf files.


I would suggest creating a wish in bugzilla.
There is 'report a bug’s option in Help menu, you can then set ‘severity’ of the issue to ‘wishlist’.