"Not Responding" - two places

Firstly: Nice port of RT; actually much nicer.

Now to business: ART (1.9.3) seems to enter a “Not Responding” state (from which it eventually recovers) twice (during the functions I’ve used, anyway).
State one is at launch. After taking what seems like a long time for the main window to appear, the “Not Responding” title comes up and lasts about a minute until the photos in the current folder appear (maybe 15 photos).
State two is when clicking the “Save” disk icon; no response for maybe a minute until the “Save…” dialog appears.

Running the latest W10 Home on an LG Gram with 8GB, SSD, and an i5-8265U. If anyone needs more info, let me know. Thanks.

Thanks for the report. Do you have external and/or network drives attached? If so, can you try without them? Thanks!

I know nothing about ART or RT, but I suggest you ensure that nothing else is running during your tests, eg no web browsers of other editors. Does “not responding” still occur? If so, then try running a resource monitor. On Windows 8.1, this would be “taskmgr” at the command line. When “not responding” occurs, is the memory maxxed out? Or CPU or disk?

It happened to me and the explore was neither responsive. I think it was due to some problem with external drive perhaps unmonted

agriggio & gaaned92 - No external devices connected. I do have a a network drive mapped (but have not clicked on it inside nor outside the ART app). I will try removing that mapped drive.

snigbo - Nothing else is running (except Malwarebytes and some Win10 services). My LG has 8GB and nothing is using much RAM (except ART which shows 90+MB). No more than 48% in total.

From launch until the thumbnails appear, it’s taking about a minute. Most of that time there’s the spinning ring (not responding). Same minute when I click the “save” disk icon until the dialog appears. I haven’t used all the possible functions yet but, so far, these are the two that result in the delay.

You should add art.exe to malwarebytes allow list.

agriggio and gaaned92 seem to have nailed it. I had a shortcut to a network drive’s folder (and I’m not connected to my LAN where I’m vacationing). Once I deleted it, the link to my “Z” drive vanished and, the next time I launched ART, it only took about 20 seconds to launch and populate with my pics.

The network drive (“Z:”) was no longer appearing in ART nor in my Windows File Explorer, of course. This points out the need to alter ART’s behavior so that it doesn’t even attempt to look in network shares upon startup. The user should have to click (double-click?) on the network share to have ART look there or at least be able to remove the network share from consideration (using the “-” button) so the mount failure (the cause of the “not responding” error) doesn’t happen.

Lots of other stuff to now learn about ART. Thanks for the suggestions.

D-oh! Just realized that agriggio is ART’s daddy, so to speak. :man_facepalming:

Thank you for your lovely app. I like it a lot more that RawTherapee due to its clearer user interface. You have made a number of decisions in the name of simplicity that work well. Knowing when to say “no” is what Steve Jobs said was the secret to insanely great products.