Not seeing the "filmstrip toolbar" with these settings


I’m trying to figure out why I can’t see the filmstrip??


These are my General settings. .

This is the resulting Editor view. .

What happens when you click


Filmstrip does not work in Multi-Edit-Mode

Okay, thanks! Is there a way then to bring up the “processing profiles operations” right click menu in the editor without have to go back to the “file browser” with the current settings I’m using?


No! Do you need multiple windows?

No, not really. I would rather have “processing profiles operations” available in the editor via the filmstrip.

Then switch the topmost setting to “Single Editor Tab Mode” and leave the rest as it is, then Save and restart RT. Then you will have only ONE image open but have the filmstrip available

Will do, but it would be great if the “processing operations” where always available in the editor, regardless of layout.