Number of folder levels: does it do anything?

I was interested in looking at modifying the “collect images” module to show folders in reverse alphabetic order in the current dev version (roughly 3.1.0+1004)… but I was distracted by two things:

  • I can’t for the life of me find any difference whether I set (in gui prefs) number of levels to 1 or to 5 (btw, those are the hard limits set inside the software, so it would probably be useful to not allow 0 or >5)
  • The function that handles the chosen number uses first “CLAMPS” to restrict the number to [1,5] (which is known to be exceptionally fast under clang and gcc), then on the next line there is if(number<0) number=1; This seems a bit belt and braces.

So of course it’s two minutes work to change the code, but it seems so obvious I wonder if there is a historic reason for this?
Second, did folder levels previously work? Is this just part of the great lighttable over-haul that I should keep clear of?

Folder levels shuld show in collections -> filmrolls

so if my path to specific collection is:
/home/johnny/Obrazy/DSLR/Canon/77D/2020/200322-wb_test and in it 1 image then following should be shown depending on level:

  1. 200322-wb_test (1)
  2. 2020/200322-wb_test (1)
  3. 77D/2020/200322-wb_test (1)
  4. Canon/77D/2020/200322-wb_test (1)
  5. DSLR/Canon/77D/2020/200322-wb_test (1)

I just tested and on darktable 3.1.0+1000~gd930b4f7f if works flawlessly.

as for 2 - it’s probably superflous check.

Edit: Oh, I see, applies only to filmrolls, not to folders… I’ve been avoiding that since a reconfig placed a bunch of test files above my real photos.

So if you look in folders, there’s no difference?

this is (i think) strictly for filmrolls

I was actually using the folder levels parameter to find my way to the code that controlled the folders list.
Oh well, try again :slight_smile: