Oled on gpio pins

Hello awesome project exactly what i was looking for for my next vacation.
Has anyone had the oled display work on gpio pins, I have tried a couple of things but been unsuccessful.
The main reason for doing this is so a single push button can be used to wake the halted Pi and to force a reboot or shutdown as required.
I have installed scruss/ **[shutdown_button] an it works perfectly but to wake a halted pi the push button needs to be changed to pin GPIO3 but this is used by the I2C default interface.
Thanks Trevor

You can , but you’d need to modify the Oled code to Include <pigpio.h>, initialise your I2C bus and then write the correct data to that.
(And modify the circuit to add pull-up resistors)

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Thanks for that Simon I will try when I get back from vacation. It will probably be a month or so before I can experiment with it. I had fitted pull-up resistors but had reconfigured the pins using an overlay in /boot/config.txt. As i have a perfectly working Backup box with some extra Oled messages at the moment I don’t want to have to reinstall a week and a half out from going away.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project.