On generating previews

(Matteo Bertolino) #1

Hi all.
I was wondering if it is normal that every time I launch darktable and I access any given folder (previously imported of course) it seems as it has to generate the previews again. I mean, I have to wait before the whole content of that given folder is completely visible and accesible on darktable, light module. As I scroll down with the mouse within a folder, the grey square turn into the image, once the preview is ready. I even hear my external hard disk working crazy when generating previews.
But I guess this should not happened.
Thanks as always.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

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(Mica) #3

I don’t think it should happen, but when you do a large import, you have to wait for the thumbs to be generated. Thumbs are stored in the application cache, so if you’ve deleted that recently, it may explain the regeneration.

(Matteo Bertolino) #4

I understand when you import. But, as stated, the images I am talking about have already been imported, some folders long ago. Yet, every time I want to access them I have to wait for the previews to be generated.
Within the darktable folder I cannot see any cache file. I found the supposed file, cache.db, in another folder. But it has 0 KB of size!
Shall I move it within the darktable master folder?

(Matteo Bertolino) #5

Ok I copied those file into the darktable folder, but nothing change.
The cache.db file has the creation date as of when I installed darktable. But it has never grown up in size ever since. Somehow, I guess previews are not being stored anywhere, and not generated.
I have to fiscally scroll the mouse over the section with grey square in order to let the images appear, almost one by one.
I cannot imagine doing this with a library of 15.000 images or more.
Any guess?

(Mica) #6

You should read the manual page on caches, there is a lot of good information on the page: https://www.darktable.org/usermanual/en/thumbnails.html

(Matteo Bertolino) #7

excellent recommendation!