On moving library and .config folder


(Matteo Bertolino) #1

Hi all.
I did a try.
I installed darktable on my laptop (MacBookPro). Before installation I copied the .config folder from my other Mac onto the laptop.
Then I launched darktable; of course, I was expecting the software to automatically recognise the .config folder, but this does not seem to be the case. At least I should see the folders imported and the thumbnails, or that is what I hoped for.
Sure I am doing something wrong. But what??
Thanks for your help, again.

(Matteo Bertolino) #2

sorry sorry.
I just realised I did not copy the folder in the exact same location.
Now I see everything.
Sorry again, hurry kills.

(Matteo Bertolino) #3

still I think something is wrong given that I cannot see the previews, but only skulls :skull:
Maybe the cache file has gone lost?
Any idea?

(Mica) #4

I would attach the disk with the images and run darktable-generate-cache. I’d also look into the local sync option.