On Syntax Highlighting for G'MIC : Third thread.

This is a follow-up to this thread - I'm going to attempt add gmic as a syntax highlighting option for KDE Kate

After checking which syntax-highlighting works best for G’MIC. I think I have come closer to the answer of syntax-highlighting issue.

On KDE Kate, this is a text editor. There is syntax-highlighting for the J language. The thing that gets me is that it does a incredible job of finding nested while / if as well as it does a great job of getting merge lines and fill lines.

To demonstrate:



The issue comes with #@cli lines and #@gui lines as one can demonstrate here:

And of course, there is that ugly highlight for () and the lack of indication for {}.

Those are just three things to address with the J language, and then the syntax highlighting issue can be solved. I think all I have to do is to make a issue on KDE Kate for solving the very few issues left.