On the road to 2.4.0


(dumb) #62

Finally implemented a CubeHelix filter with start and end colours. It works an absolute treat.


Also I want to get custom command boxes into a remplementation of UltraWarp and in the CSG filter that I’ve built but I’ve no idea how to do it.

(Boris Hajdukovic) #63

Wow @Iain,

This is fantastic filter!

Would it be difficult to implement an option to see a masked image instead of the mask itself, like in the Slice Luminosity filter? In this way you could immediately see what exactly is masked, which could be useful for complex images.

(dumb) #64

CubeHelix got a major upgrade. It’s got thresholds, a better gamma control, ‘hue flattening’ (which scales the individual helix dimensions with the difference between the start and end colours) and even an option to bypass the greyscale conversion for abstract colour effects.