On the road to 2.5.0


(G'MIC staff) #1

I start here the changelog for the G’MIC project, until next major version 2.5.0 is released.

New features:


  • New command fontchart generates the set of characters that can be written by command text (and derivatives).

  • New command ilaplacian inverts a Laplacian image, using a simple Poisson solver in the Fourier space.

  • New command warp_patch computes a warped image using patch overlaps.

Qt plug-in:

  • New filter Artistic / Stylize implements an exemplar-based style transfer algorithm, to stylize images from user-defined styles.
    stylization_car_full_5 stylization_car_full_3 stylization_car_full_2



  • Allow characters with ascii code >=128 to be used in math expressions.
  • Improved bash completion script for CLI tool gmic (on Linux).
  • Optimization of command extract_region (x2 faster).
  • Optimization of matrix product, when matrices are 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4.
  • Empty vectors in math parser are now allowed, and considered as the constant value 0.
  • Command eval with selection now behaves like fill without actually setting the image values.
  • Command matchpatch is a new and faster implementation of a patch-matching algorithm, and replaces the previous patchmatch command (still available though).
  • Random number generator used by G’MIC now support multi-threading. Each command/filter using random numbers should be faster now (command matchpatch is especially concerned).
  • New substituting expressions {*,u,v}, {*,d,e}, {*,w,h} available (stand respectively for {*,u},{*,v} , {*,d},{*,e} and {*,w},{*,h}).

Qt plug-in:

  • Management of Fave filters now handles the case when case change happens in a filter name.

Bug fix:


  • Fixed bug in command text : some accented characters were not displayed correctly (small glitch at the bottom) for larger font sizes.

Qt plug-in:

  • Solve bug related to layer names when they contain parentheses.

(G'MIC staff) #2

(G'MIC staff) #3
  • 2018/12/03 : Release of minor version 2.4.2.

(Lyle Kroll) #4

Already knew you were going to release 2.4.2. today; got the head’s up from Doron at GIMPChat. Looking forward to the Style Transfer soon. Thanks a heap, David. G’MIC’s the gift that keeps on giving. :slight_smile:


We already have lots of good sharpening type filters in G’MIC, but here’s another anyway :slight_smile:

Testing -> Garagecoder -> Deblur Texture

Been sitting in my local file for months, so may as well add it. In testing for now, probably needs some work.


I rarely use the GUI so I don’t remember: I was wondering if the search field looked at the names of the filters only and not the descriptions. If that is the case, it would be helpful in terms of discovery to search the descriptions also. E.g., the one liner of @garagecoder’s Deblur Texture seen above.

(G'MIC staff) #7
  • 2019/01/07 : Release of minor version 2.4.4.


One step closer to the time to submit new filters.

(G'MIC staff) #9
  • 2019/01/11 : Release of minor version 2.4.5 (last one for a while :wink: ).


@David_Tschumperle, @garagecoder

I have a problem with filters made by garagecoder. (for example “Deblur Texture”, “Tone Enhance”)
windows 64 GIMP 2.8, GMIC 2.4.5, GMIC 2.4.2

Those filters don’t work anymore with lab-l, ycbcr-y, ycbcr-cbcr. With those channels I have a “Preview time out” or a “Preview error”:

So I did instal an old GMIC (2.4.2) . Before refresh, this filters worked as expected. After refresh this filters didn’t work with those channels anymore

On Gimpchat more people have this problem:
also with linux and GIMP 2.10

is solved, thanks


There is a bug report about that - https://github.com/dtschump/gmic/issues/103

Let’s hope this gets solved.

(G'MIC staff) #12

Solved !


Refreshed and can corrobate that claim. Thanks!

Stylize filter still doesn’t work as in G’MIC does nothing to the visible image, but I do believe that has to do with Windows Krita. At least the error doesn’t show up anymore nor Krita exits.