Only greyscale images aviable after converting NEF

I’m very new to Siril starting only yesterday evening. So please have patience with me.

I’ve done some shots from Neowise, that I tried to stack with Siril. When done, there were no colored (RGB) pictures only greyscale.
When I tried with DarkSkyStacker on my Win-Laptop I got a colored Image from the same NEF Images. Same when using Darktable to view the images, they are colored.
This morning I got the 0.9.12 version from Flatpak using my Linux-Mint 19.3 Desktop. Before there was a 0.99.3 version downloaded from the website, pointed as newest in my terminal.

So I tried again and got the same problem.
When converting the images with highlighting the “keep three channels” dot, there is only the greyscale image aviable.
So, where is my error?

This is the very most common issue encountered by new users. I invite you to take a look to the documentation and especially the debayer part.


Hello lock042,
thank you for your answer.
I found my error. In one German Tutorial was said, that “we don’t want to debayer the sequence yet.” But after intense viewing I found that he worked with a BIAS-Sequence and not with a LIGHT-Sequence. So when I activated the debayer button Siril worked fine.