only Show LUT name in 3D LUT

When there is a directory structure 2-3 deep it becomes impossible to know the name of the applied LUT, I suggest that

  1. Only Show the LUT name
  2. when name is clicked the selected LUT’s font colour to be different then white,
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it should be possible to implement something like this


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I get this tweaking in dt_bauhaus_combobox
which is not bad in that case, but all dt_bauhaus_combobox are impacted :frowning:

In fact it has been like that few time ago, but has been broken by commit cdb9831e699543d668450e73c16c8640445913c0:

ellipsize comboboxes and labels at the end instead of the middle

This change would be great. Is it possible to create a second type of combobox, or add an option to dt_bauhaus_combobox, which ellipsizes in the middle (or beginning)?

Just issued a PR to revert the previous change.

Possible but a lot of work !

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