Also checkout his youtube channel for other fun things about space and rockets.


Wow, nice !!
Thx for the link

This looks fantastic;

** I ** WANT ** ONE **

I’d certainly pay 60-80 Euros, plus shipping. Problem is, not yet available for southern hemisphere :sob:

Isn’t the whole point of the thing that it is open hardware and you can print and build it yourself?

Well … I have no experience in 3D printing, even though there are some printers at the local library. However the complexity of the project, not to mention the number of hours printing would take, means any 3D printer not my own would probably meet some objection from the owner/provider.

I’m probably not likely to get into 3D printing, and I imagine entry-level printers may well be insufficient to print components of the required size. So investing in a mid-range printer plus filament costs, plus electricity costs, not to mention getting the software configured correctly for the large variety of pieces seems a very large hurdle.

On the other hand, buying a kit ready to assemble, or crowd-funding less than 100 Euros is something I’d find easier to jump over.

search for local fab labs.

Has anyone tested this out? I think I might wanna buy this kit.

A few weeks ago, realising that I couldn’t justify AUD 500 + for a star tracker (e.g. Vixen Polarie, Skywatcher Star Adventurer), I was looking for a barn door tracker that I didn’t have to manufacture myself as a compromise.

I found the nyx tracker here to be just what I was looking for - small, lightweight and affordable.
The payload of 5 pounds is comparable with (actually a bit better than) the Polarie.

My larger body and super-telephoto are sadly out of the question for deep-sky imaging in terms of weight, but the smaller, lighter D3300 and Samyang 2.8 14mm make for nice milky way shots.

My polar alignment was maybe off a little, but 10 30s exposures, together with darks, lights and bias frames (Thanks for the great tutorial article, @sguyader!) got me a result of stars that I was fairly happy with on only my second night using the tracker.

I have had less luck with aligning the foreground (the roofline of my home), but gratefully acknowledge the GIMP wizardry of my daughter who helped me layer the two together.


Well, that sent me down a rabbit hole! :slight_smile:

Looks cool, just wish I wasn’t in the middle of dealing with a Land Rover issue.

I’d certainly like to have a go at building it, mostly because all the controller tech.