Opened a Utip account.

I wanted to let you know I’ve opened a utip account :

This allows people to support us, basically for free (by watching an ad).
I’m not expecting so much to be honest, but why not trying ?

Let’s experiment new stuffs! :slight_smile:

looks like they already ran out of ads to display.

They ask to disable adblockers, that’s why. But hey David, you already made 6 cents in less than 30 minutes! That equals to 12ct/h, or €2,88 a day, or €1051,20 a year. Not bad at all for an open source project ! :sob::face_with_head_bandage::ghost:

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That would be nice indeed, even if I have serious doubts that it’s going to continue at this rate :slight_smile:

I watched 3 ads one of them was a Adobe and :rofl: