Opening into an external editor like Photoshop

There are times when I photograph a subject more than once. An example would be when I want to show the various stages of development as I add components to the subject. I usually edit the photos at the same time in RT and all with the same settings. It would be nice if I could move all of the edits at one time rather than having to go back and forth until they were all in PS.

Is there a way to open more than one RT edit at a time into an external editor like PS?

Hi Mike
When you export to Ps via the little artists palette button the image is saved to a temporary folder - this can be problematic if you restart your machine 'cos that temp folder gets deleted!

My suggestion would be to process the images in RT then send them all to the process queue, save them to a normal folder of your choice, then fire up Ps>go File Open>select the sequence of images in said folder and click Open - this will open all the images in their own tab or window in Ps.
Hope that helps a bit.

Hi Andy,

Now that’s an excellent way to go about it and it’s easy enough to do. I wonder why RT would put these photos in a temp dir.

I mean… You do need a file in order to open it in photoshop so RT creates one. :man_shrugging:

And since you chose to edit and save the file in a different program it deletes the file later on. Makes sense to me.

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Looking at it that way does make sense.

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Yes, but RT does know the location of the ORIGINAL raw file, so it would be handy if it saved there instead of the Temp folder - I can see Mikes point!

And if you send the image over to Photoshop, CoP etc and click SAVE it just saves it to the temp folder - you need to click SAVE AS and pick the location. It’s a pain in the arse!

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Maybe an option like that which is in the Processing Queue, like %p1/%f

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Will this ever get a dev’s attention. I hope so!

You should open a feature request on github if you want action and/or a response.


So, are Andy and I the only ones that would like to see this change. Please support if you agree with us.




i understand your point and your workflow. But since my workflow differs from yours, i cannot agree to your idea.
I often send my (not yet finished) RT-edits to an external editor to check details. Every time i do this, a TIF-File is stored in the temp folder. It happens, that 14 versions of one pic will be stored there, until my pic shows the result i am happy with. The 14 TIF-files then i dont need anymore…

So for me it works great, to have them in a temp folder, being deleted in one click.


FWIW, Mike’s issue is asking for the option to export to the same folder as the original raw file. It is not asking for the current behavior to be eliminated. If implemented as an option, then you, Mike and Andy should all be able to be happy.


Yes, that is what I had in mind. I’m asking for an option.

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Thank you! I like being happy :rofl: :+1:

Thats ok for me, I would be fine with an option .

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