Organising Images, mixed Format

How do you organise your images? I’m not a professional photographer.
For a long period of time, i took only raw images. Organisation had been in a folder structure and with tags in Lightroom at the beginning, and since several Years in darktable.
Now since the Smartphone has become part of our life, and also the quality of the included camera is more than aceptable, from a lot of events, I have also jpg-images between my raws. Now this does not fit very well in darktable.
Expecting, that I’m not the first to deal with this, I just ask for your recomendations.

I have them in darktable as well, together with tifs (mainly scans) and other stuff, why should they not fit? I am also doing edits on the non-raw images if needed.

Likewise. I have found that dt can do quite a good job on JPEGs.

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I got two archives: one for RAW+XMP and a second one for JPG’s from various sources (darktable exports, smartphones, other people and so on). Got Digikam for tagging in the JPG archive.