OSC_Preprocessing failed

Howdy stargazers!,

After using siril 1.2.0 successfully for 2 months, running OSC_Preprocessing and OSC_Extract_HaOIII, suddenly I’m unable to complete the Scripts due to the error below:

"14:09:11: Setting CWD (Current Working Directory) to ‘C:\Pictures_PC\Astronomy\NGC7635’
14:09:11: Script execution failed

I double checked the files location to make sure are in the right directory but same results

Any idea what I did wrong?


Hello, we don’t have enough information to help you. Surely something else must be important in the log to see why it fails?

A link to help on how to report an issue: How to report issues — Siril 1.2.0 documentation

attached see two images, Error message and folder with files


We see in the logs:

Images have different sizes
Also, I see you do have bias with 3 layers, so already demosaiced. Probably jpg mixed with FITS files?
I read: Reading JPG file, and also TIFF files. Looks like your folders are messy.

Another page we wrote to help users with calibration issues, with the most common errors:

I’m sure yours is in there.

I found my files were messy as you said, removed wrong files and left only FITS, it seems one flat had different size, removed almost half of them as I was not able to identify the bad one.

It seems working now

I’ll wait for the results