OT: show jpegs on Mac

(Syv) #1

It’s mostly OT but I need some Mac help.

I have some images, jpegs produce with RT, that I want to show on a MacPro laptop without having to make a slide show. Just to display them as full screen and the MacPro will have a Logitech R400 clicker/remote to go to the next image.

Which software is available, already installed on a “regular business” Mac to do that?

I’m on Linux (KDE & I use gwenview) and I don’t have access to a Mac and I’ve never used Apple. It would be much easier for me if that was possible. There are 4 presentations that evening,. The place will have a Mac attached to an Epson projector already setup. The other users are putting all their stuff in powerpoint (but they don’t use photos).

If I didn’t have to setup my laptop and if I could use theirs, it would be much easier, there’s only 1 minute (timed) between speakers.



(Mica) #2

Use something on Linux to make a PDF, one image per page.

(Syv) #3


I tried that a few years ago, and the resolution wasn’t great…



What you would want to do is create a presentation in Apple’s Keynote application, which should work with your clicker. Keynote is free from the App Store. Of course you would need a mac to create one of those, so nevermind. In the old day we used to go to Kinkos and rent time on a mac to do these kinds of things without owning macs.
How about a libre office presentation, saved with ppt compatibility?

(Syv) #5

I have not tried Keynote and all the Kinkos have closed in my area.

A couple years ago, I tried Impress and I found that the images displayed were not a good a resolution as a jpeg 85% which shows really well in both HD and 4K. BTW, the Epson projector for this presentation will only do 1080p.


(Thomas) #6

@foto: You can embed the original JPGs in your PDF, for example using img2pdf. Just cd to the image folder and enter
img2pdf *.jpg -o images.pdf
in the terminal.

(Syv) #7

Just tried it, that doesn’t work for me.

I just installed it with pip, it created the PDF at the correct density. The problem is the pagination.

I didn’t try on a mac (I don’t have one), but both on Linux and Windows, the only software (that I found) that will only display 1 page at a time is muPDF. The others, it’s scroll down or page down but it will show a section of the image and not just the image like for a slide show.


(Thomas) #8

On Linux with evince: F5
On Windows with Acrobat Reader: ctrl+L
On Mac: ?

(Syv) #9

Exactly my problem.

I’m trying to display images as a slideshow that I control as I explain with the destination a Mac when I don’t have a Mac.



On Mac:

View -> Page Display -> Single Page View

There does not appear to be any keystroke associated with these display functions on mac btw.


A long time ago, I used to make my presentations using HTML and CSS. CSS allowed me to change the aspect ratio, contrast, etc., on the fly. More initial work of setting it up but very adaptable. Have a USB or portable HDD with portable Firefox and I am ready as can be.

(Daniel Catalina) #12

You can also try this: http://osxdaily.com/2012/09/06/8-tricks-mac-os-x-full-screen-slideshow/