Outline images in the file browser

New to ART, I don’t know if this question has already been asked. Is it possible to create a color outline around the images present in the file browser like in the Lightroom library or the darktable light table?

The first seconds of this video:

To improve the aesthetics of ART.
(google translation)

Hi, that’s currently not possible, but I’ll see if I can add some style to the CSS…

Thanks for your positive response.



stylish and better looking

Hi @Valmy,
as @gaaned92 was hinting, it’s available now as an option:

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Thank you for your work. It’s good !

Just that little change looks much more welcoming. I would vote for it to be the default…

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I agree; in fact, I might get rid of the option altogether…



“This little change seems a lot more welcoming. I would vote for this to be the default …”

Me too …

+1 ! :wink: