Packaging Natron local build to portable tgz


I was able to build the Natron sdk and Natron on my Linux centos 7 computer. I would like to create a portable tgz file to test it on different machine but have some problem to find the proper way to do it.

For the sdk and Natron build I followed the instruction on this pages :

My build run correctly. Now for doing a portable tgz I tried the following :
Running the from the tools/jenkins folder. Since it need some variable I run the and tried to fill up the tmp/ it generate.

However, it look like I am missing a step : the expect TMP_BINARIES_PATH to contain the binaries. The comment in refer to build-plugin and build-natron script that copy those… It look like the portable tgz is made with a different way of building Natron than the one I follow.

Is there a script or way to package what I already have in a portable tgz ?


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Hi, is used to package binaries produced by ( If you didn’t use the scripts to build Natron (and plugins) then you will have to package it manually, or adapt to fit your needs.

You have to use the script to run the whole build.
Please continue the discussion in this issue, where yu may also find valuable info:

There is also a lot of info in the file:

Ok Thanks for the info.