Padlock - wavelet denoise, colour toning.

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Quite a good image to practice RT wavelet denoising and colour toning masks. (@Andy_Astbury1’s video for masking.)

Easy to over shoot sharpness and get pixelation in the lock, or contrast/ de-noise and lose the contrast in the padlock’s brushing. Don’t forget to crop the lens hood out, the compact camera’s profile doesn’t compensate for the widest angle and closest focus. And the image is wonky :slight_smile:


You didn’t post a link to the raw.

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That’s a signifiant improvement in the Hardened bit :+1:

DT 3.2.1

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Had a bit of colour grading fun with this one:

Base: RawTherapee
Rest: GIMP

EDIT: Notice that the difference in background made it to strong, adjusted one another.

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Thanks for posting
DT 3.2.1

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What’s happened on the right hand side of the frame and the left bottom corner of the padlock? Thank you.

dt 3.2.1

I’m trying to use some sharpening with the Contrast Equalizer module. My eyes are bad (neurological disease), so I can’t tell much difference. Maybe you can.

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Sharpening and noise control seem absolutely fine, do your eyes work by comparison, as I’d say it was a bit dark (and I tend towards the dark side), @sovereign’s post is better than mine on the black hasp thingy but maybe too light on the shed’s wood. Hope that helps.

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@nodal, could we change the title , please :wink: .

To what? I’m open to suggestions, I just realised in another thread on noise reduction that I’d posted this test image with no licence.

“Metal and wood” or just “padlock”

Thank you. I felt like the original lighting (of the actual scene) may have been that dark. It just felt right to me.

Thanks :slight_smile: .

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padlock_1080087.RW2.pp3 (11.7 KB)
RT 5.8

I got a surprise on export, it looked much crispier. The RT fit to screen is of course blurry, and the 100% view I used to sharpen was so big on my little laptop screen it was hard to tell how the final export would look. Not unhappy how it turned out, I like the texture, but is there any way to make the fit to screen view less blurry? I’m aware there is probably a performance cost…


Yes, if I had any issue with RT, it’s the fit to screen view. It kind of makes you take a guess on what the final product will look like.