Photo of the month idea

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a random idea popping in my head. Last time it happened, I had an idea of doing a regular Photo of the Month thread at PIXLS.US.

How about creating a thread every month where anyone can post their favorite photo? Other readers can use the Like button to mark photos they appreciate most. At the end of the month, the photo that has most likes wins. To make it interesting, we can have a specific topic for each month. I’m just thinking out loud. Feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

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Just feeding midnight toughs, it could be a nice idea to start building a “featured pixls Galery” someday. I’m part of a telegram group that does something similar, they run a topic for a week (a month seems more doable for me) and then the one who wins the round selects next week topic.

I would be up for it, even if just as moderator.

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I think this is a cool idea. We do that in a local photographer facebook group that I’m in, except the theme changes daily.

I personally like the theme idea, and I post much more with a theme to target than just a general, “Post your favorite picture” type thread.

The mods in my local group do a great job on deciding themes. By that I mean, they are vague enough to cover a lot of pictures, but specific enough to get the mind working. I can ask them where they get the theme ideas.

Example themes off the top of my head: dutch angle, light and shadow, long exposure, are some themes that I remember.

The forum already has the functionality … basically just someone doing it would be needed.

we run

which is e.g. used for (the gallery link at the top)

you can see the plugin in action here:

I think we also need another capture challenge … I already have an idea for it. anyone up for it?

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Depends on what it is :-)))))))))))

Yeah, many of the attempts fell flat due to the lack of participants. But I am up for it if I can find the time and courage. :slight_smile:

I’m down for it if I can only stop working for all my waking hours and actually pick up a camera. :wink:

Well, that approach would mean the late contributors (which don’t post at the beginning of the month), most likely would get less likes…

Valid point.

I don’t know the innards of Discourse, but perhaps there is a way to disable likes on new posts with certain characteristics until some deadline is reached, and then open them up for liking/voting. Then people could submit photos up to the deadline (say, three weeks from the issue of the challenge), and then voting could occur during the fourth week. Again, I don’t know whether Discourse has this capability.

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Vote with your donations, participation and contributions. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great to have a discussion based system. There will no doubt be disagreements but I think there would be a consensus after a while.