Photoflow 20180321 keeps caching forever

After doing a bunch of edits, photoflow suddenly keeps caching, cpu goes high, and, apparently, I can’t do anything more (although all I need is export a jpg).
I end the process and restart PF, and after some seconds caching begins, the same resource intensive pattern and, again, nothing happens if I try to export.
I suspect it has something to do with the last edit, a new Shadows/Highlights layer (the only one in the set), because before that everything was going well.
Follows the pfi file
stack_v2 .pfi (118.0 KB)

… and the images are here.

I will look into this later today. Thanks for providing the images!

ok, thanks. One more thing: if I cut the shadows/highlights corresponding [layer] [/layer] section from the pfi file, everything gets back to normality.