PhotoFlow News and Updates

I strongly suggest to try the latest development snapshot from here. The most recent package is this one.

I have done a lot of work on the UI and functionality of the lens corrections, and now it is possible to manually choose the lens if the EXIF data is missing or wrong:


However I cannot find the Takumar 200mm in the current LensFundatabase…

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Downloaded the latest one. Somehow my Symantec AV thought some of the files are going to destroy my computer. So I had to make an exception for PF. Now it works fine. Still experimenting. Here is the photo of the lens.

Here is my first attempt at using Photoflow.
First the raw file, licensed under CC by SA image
IMG_3765.CR2 (19.8 MB)

IMG_3765.jpg.pfi (34.0 KB)

  1. It is a really powerful programme. However, it crashed twice during the processing. But each time, it recovered the data by its crash recovery process. So no efforts were lost.
  2. While exporting the image, the button that says `Export As’ is actually the one to choose destination folder. It might be better if the name is changed to ``target folder’’ or so.
  3. It rewrites on top of the existing file without warning. The RT default of adding suffix for repeated exports is wonderful.
    I loved the programme. Hats off to @Carmelo_DrRaw !!



Yes. Took out that old lens bought on eBay. Chose this photo as it was not dramatic, also bokeh in front and back of the main subject (which was backlit) made processing tricky. But PF really was wonderful to use.
Here is a BW version:

IMG_3765BW.jpg.pfi (38.0 KB)

@shreedhar Pretty photo.

I recommended and prefer “Export As”. Why? Because you are saving the full path. I do agree that there should be at least an overwrite warning and a setting to add suffixes for duplicates. Personally, I don’t like suffixes. They are a mess but a warning is definitely a good feature to have.

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Thanks @afre for the appreciation of the photo.
The confusion about Export As is not serious. It can happen only once! Afterwards one knows what it means. But still Export To seems better than Export As. But as I said, it is not important.
In the photo I included, the flower has chromatic fringing (being back-lit and photographed with an old lens). The Defringe module (in add new layer tab) did not seem to do anything to it in Photoflow. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

I have just checked, and RT seems also un-effective on the fringing around the flower…

I will add a warning when the exported image is overwritten, I agree that this is quite important.

Thanks for the feedback!

Export To or Export As?

To me there is a very great and important linguistic distinction between the two:

  • Export To
    is a direction; which folder the image is to be saved in
  • Export As
    is a directive; save the image as a .jpg, a .tiff, or whatever
    and/or to give it a new name.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


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You have better eyes than mine… :wink:

How do PF and RT handle fringing? How do their methods differ? What are the general steps to defringing?

Small bug: when the format is TIFF, the Export As… window’s extension remains .jpg.

The format selection menu to the right of the path is unnecessary and too far to the right. There is already a selection menu on the left for file format – just combine the file extension with the bit depth.

JPEG should be all caps.

PS Just a reminder. I hope that the Export module remembers the last setting, as I tend to export the same way every time :wink:.

This might be a windows-specific bug, as I do not see the same under OSX…

I agree, will do it.

It is in my todo list, together with the “overwrite warning”, but first I want to finish some optimization work…

I have just committed some additional optimizations, which affect mostly the color conversions:

  • for RGB -> RGB ICC conversions with matrix profiles (which include all the common working colorspaces), the TRC conversions are now based on LUTs. This implies a slight loss of accuracy compared to the explicit computation of parametric curves, but the speed-ups are HUGE
  • luminosity masks created with the layer clone tool, particularly when the source layer is in linear RGB colorspace. In this case, the RGB values are converted to luminance and then encoded with a perceptual TRC to create the final luminosity mask

As usual, the updated packages are available for download from github, and are tagged with today’s date (20180429).

As the optimizations involves several changes in the ICC conversion code, I cannot exclude new instabilities related to this. If you can, please report any crashes and help me fix the code if needed!

There is one totally unessential point I want to point out. The lack of icon for photoflow executable file. The beautiful waterdrop lens (in bluish grey) on the top left of the GUI is a wonderful icon. Is it too difficult to put it in?

No crash but the lens correction in ‘raw developer’ does not seem to work now. I used a file from a Panasonic TZ100 (correction worked fine with earlier versions of PhotoFlow). No auto detection and no manual selection working if I unticked the auto. This is on OSX.

I pointed that out among other things. It is on @Carmelo_DrRaw’s ever growing to do list lol.

Personally, I made an ICO file (Windows). Every time I update PhotoFlow, I make a shortcut for the app, name it and link the icon so the app has one and the window corner has one. However, the Export window still has the GTK icon. It is a repetitive process but that is how much I like having an icon.

I also requested having a version number in the main window title, which again is probably on the to do list :sunny:.

@afre @shreedhar could you please check if the executable icon is fixed in this version?


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