Photoshop-created HDR file

(Pat David) #1

Does anyone happen to have/use Photoshop that has created an HDR file in it? I have a request from the GIMP devs for an .hdr file out of Ps to test some compatibility. If so, please let me know (and possibly upload it here - just drag and drop into the post editor).

(Hebus Tetram) #3

@patdavid Not sure if it helps. Here you have a raw picture saved as Radiance (.hdr) in Photoshop CC 2018
SaveAsHDRformat.hdr (42.2 MB)

Or do you need a set of raw pictures merged in PS function HDR pro and then saved as .hdr?

(Pat David) #4

I think this is what @Jehan was looking for, but I’ll defer to him. :slight_smile:

(Jehan) #5

Thanks @Hebustetram and @patdavid!
Well I did without in the end, but I could still test that your file is properly loaded by GIMP master (which it is, so that’s good), hence it’s not totally lost. :wink:

For some context, in the original bug report, we were given a HDR with a different magic number (#?RGBE instead of the more common #?RADIANCE), which was made by Photoshop apparently. So I wanted to check if all .hdr files made by Photoshop had this header. But it turns out yours actually has #?RADIANCE. So I don’t really know if something is more proper or not.

In the end, we just detect any file starting with #? instead. Actually I saw that’s what Blender does in its own code (so they must have come into the same problem as us with some files using different headers, but at least always starting with #?).

Anyway thanks!

P.S.: so yes that’s what I was looking for.