PictureFX - a free HaldClut set

(Pat David) #1

Marc Roovers has released a new set of Hald CLUT styles for use in RawTherapee and G’MIC. These produce similar results as the Nik collection. I haven’t tested them myself, but if someone wanted to check them out, get them here:


The AnalogFX-Anno-1870:

(Jonas Wagner) #2

Cool! I asked him for permission to include them in my film emulator. :slight_smile:

(Phil Howcroft) #3

Thanks Pat

I cannot wait to try them out , I love the film emulation filters in Rawtherapee, especially the monochrome ones.

Thank you Mac Roovers too for your work :slight_smile:

As a footnote, I’ve also started using “Rawtherapee Wavelets” for noise reduction and a tad bit of edge sharpening. It’s a bit trail and error with wavelets as I don’t really understand how they work or what all the sliders and options do, but wavelets can really make images pop.

Thanks again everyone



(G'MIC staff) #4

There’s already a small gallery where you can see the effect of these new CLUTs :

Marc Roovers has kindly accepted that I add his CLUTs into the G’MIC Film Emulation filters.
You can also try them online, witch G’MIC Online (filter Film Emulation / PictureFX) here : https://gmicol.greyc.fr/

(Jonas Wagner) #5

Very cool David. I have added it to my film emulator too. :slight_smile:

(Marc R.) #6

@patdavid , Thanks to write about PictureFX here.
I am a very big fan of RawTherapee, in fact, I almost don’t use anything else anymore than RT.
I mentioned the name NIK software in my writings,
because I always missed something to enhance pictures in RT, i mean sharpening, denoising and of course some nice picture effects.
That was until I discovered your awesome HaldCLUT collection - that, and some readings here and there about profiles ( like on @paulmatth website ) set me on course to make my own “NIK” collection.
But it is lightyears away from that, not even close - it is very humble, but its a start, and I hoped to get some other people started with this idea to.
Further more, i like also to mention my thanks to @David_Tschumperle and @Jonas_Wagner for there interest and work to use PictureFX .

(Phil Howcroft) #7

Here is an image I took at a Nottingham Restaurant of our waiter …JAvier

I used the ZilverFX-Vintage-B&W film emulation and then sent the image to GIMP to clone out a bit of bokeh and then add a little contrast adjustment.

BTW: This was hand held at 1/13th of a second using a Canon 50mm F1,8 on my old 450D :slight_smile:

Nice dont’t you think :slight_smile:


Waiter? I guess you mean secret agent and colleague of James Bond, given the microphone and earbud. :smiley:
Still, a nice photo. Even if he’ll kill you now as you blew his cover.

(Phil Howcroft) #9

Thanks Houz

Some of our restaurants are high tech in Nottingham

Menu choices entered on androids and auto updating into the kitchen, having said that Javier used pen and paper to capture our request :slight_smile:
It is a big old building so maybe they need mobile comms to keep in touch with the manager / ‘front of house’.
Next time we visit I will ask Javier what all the secret agent stuff is :slight_smile: