Pictures with orientation module have a black thumbnail

Has anyone seen this before? Bug or user error?

Pictures, which are turned by 90° with the orientation module are displayed with black thumbnails. Looks like this:


The last one should be turned, but I deactivated the orientation module, and it is displayed correct.

The activated modules on one of the images with black thumbnail are as follows:

So, really nothing special, as far as I can tell.

Looks like a bug to me, which probably should be reported?

Ah yes … this is a nightly windows build:

I have recognized the behavior for about 1-2 weeks, I would say.

I am having the same problem after updating to 4.4.1.
Do you still have this issue? If not, have you done anything to correct it?

Actually I still have this problem. But I thought it’s a personal thing, because of no feedback here. So I didn’t do anything, hoping it would dissappear as silent as it came :wink:

I will just now install the latest and greatest nightly build to check that out.

Currently I’m working mainly with –library :memory:, so it’s probably not a corrupt picture database. Might be something to do with my preferences, or something windows specific :man_shrugging:

So… even with the nightly build, the issue is still there. Looks like this in the light table:

I think you should start an Issue in GitHub. Include what system you are using and if this happens with opencl or not. A darktable -d common would be very helpful.


I just open a new issue on github: Pictures in portrait orientation have a black thumbnail in the darkroom · Issue #15198 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

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Thanks @EC1000 for writing the ticket.

And just for the record:
In the latest nightly the issue ist fixed for me.

Without active engagement, your issue won’t get resolved. Just posting that it is not fixed won’t solve it. Start an issue in GitHub with logs using the latest nightly.

Not sure what you read there :man_shrugging:


@g-man Apparently, you’re not German :rofl:

Nein. :smile:

I re-read that statement several times and didn’t see the spelling mistake😅